Shubham P. Vasaikar

Shubham P. Vasaikar is BE in Information Technology from Pune University. He has published an international paper in IET. Digital Library. He is currently working as an Intern at Red Hat, Pune. He will be speaking on desktop test automation in open source world. It

Raju Vindane

An Intern with the Hamara Linux Project. Raju has been contributing to projects like Diaspora and Debian – talking about FOSS and hardware at a lot of places. His interests include Single Board Computers, networking and electronics. Previously he has given talks

Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya

Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya is a first generation technology entrepreneur building platform to enable access to services and markets for millions of farmers and rural producers. Vijay is Electrical Engineering Graduate with Post-Graduation in management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management,

Satdeep Gill

He is doing research in Punjabi language at University of Delhi. He is a free knowledge enthusiast and have been volunteering for various organizations such as Wikipedia, Wikitongues and TED.  He recently organized WikiConference India 2016 which was the largest Wikipedia related event in India

Srinidhi T G

Srinidhi is a Kannada author and blogger, known for his regular write-ups and columns on technology in the local language. In addition to writing for the print media, he has also been running ‘ejnana’, a Kannada website dedicated to science and technology